Dimensions of cross section of the connecting rod 2

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Unformatted text preview: ing rod and to increase the compressive stress on the connecting rod due to the direct load. Thus, the maximum compressive stress in the connecting rod will be σc (max) = Direct compressive stress + Maximum bending or whipping stress due to inertia bending stress 32.15 Design of Connecting Rod In designing a connecting rod, the following dimensions are required to be determined : 1. Dimensions of cross-section of the connecting rod, 2. Dimensions of the crankpin at the big end and the piston pin at the small end, 3. Size of bolts for securing the big end cap, and 4. Thickness of the big end cap. The procedure adopted in determining the above mentioned dimensions is discussed as below : Evaporators change liquid hydrogen to gas Fuel tank Engine This experimental car burns hydrogen fuel in an ordinary piston engine. Its exhaust gases cause no pollution, because they contain only water vapour. Internal Combustion Engine Parts n 1151 1. Dimensions of cross-section of the connecting rod A connecting rod is a...
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