From bending stress consideration in the ring the

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Unformatted text preview: e radial thickness (t1) of the ring may be obtained by considering the radial pressure between the cylinder wall and the ring. From bending stress consideration in the ring, the radial thickness is given by 3 pw t1 = D σ t where D = Cylinder bore in mm, pw = Pressure of gas on the cylinder wall in N/mm2. Its value is limited from 0.025 N/mm2 to 0.042 N/mm2, and σt = Allowable bending (tensile) stress in MPa. Its value may be taken from 85 MPa to 110 MPa for cast iron rings. The axial thickness (t2 ) of the rings may be taken as 0.7 t1 to t1. The minimum axial thickness (t2 ) may also be obtained from the following empirical relation: D t2 = 10 n R where nR = Number of rings. The width of the top land (i.e. the distance from the top of the piston to the first ring groove) is made larger than other ring lands to protect the top ring from high temperature conditions existing at the top of the piston, ∴ Width of top land, b1 = tH to 1.2 tH The width of other ring lands (i.e. the distance between the ring grooves...
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