In an ic engine the maximum gas load occurs close to

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Unformatted text preview: × 2 93 93 and the maximum bending stress, due to inertia of the connecting rod, M max σmax = Z where Z = Section molulus. From above we see that the maximum bending moment varies as the square of speed, therefore, the bending stress due to high speed will be dangerous. It may be noted that the maximum axial force and the maximum bending stress do not occur simultaneously. In an I.C. engine, the maximum gas load occurs close to top dead centre whereas the maximum bending stress occurs when the crank angle θ = 65° to 70° from top dead centre. The pressure of gas falls suddenly as the piston moves from dead centre. Thus the general practice is to design a connecting rod by assuming the force in the connecting rod (FC) equal to the maximum force due to pressure (FL), neglecting piston inertia effects and then checked for bending stress due to inertia force (i.e. whipping stress). = 2× 3. Force due to friction of piston rings and of the piston The frictional force ( F ) of the piston ri...
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