In designing a valve it is required to determine the

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Unformatted text preview: ). 32.23 Valves The valves used in internal combustion engines are of the following three types ; 1. Poppet or mushroom valve ; 2. Sleeve valve ; 3. Rotary valve. Spark plug inlet valve Out of these three valves, poppet valve, as shown closed in Fig. 32.21, is very frequently used. It consists of head, Exhaust valve Petrol/air mixture burns face and stem. The head and face of the valve is sepa- closed in combustion rated by a small margin, to aviod sharp edge of the valve Piston is chamber forced and also to provide provision for the regrinding of the down by face. The face angle generally varies from 30° to 45°. expanding The lower part of the stem is provided with a groove in gases which spring retainer lock is installed. Connecting rod Since both the inlet and exhaust valves are subjected to high temperatures of 1930°C to 2200°C during the power stroke, therefore, it is necessary that the material of the valves should withstand these temperatures. Thus Crankthe material of the valves must have good heat conduction, shaft heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and shock resistance. It may be noted that the temperature at t...
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