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In order to make a leak proof joint the pitch of the

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Unformatted text preview: d or bolt. In order to make a leak proof joint, the pitch of the studs or bolts should lie between 19 d to 28.5 d , where d is in mm. 4. Cylinder head. Usually, a separate cylinder head or cover is provided with most of the engines. It is, usually, made of box type section of considerable depth to accommodate ports for air and gas passages, inlet valve, exhaust valve and spark plug (in case of petrol engines) or atomiser at the centre of the cover (in case of diesel engines). The cylinder head may be approximately taken as a flat circular plate whose thickness (th) may be determined from the following relation : C.p σc D = Cylinder bore in mm, p = Maximum pressure inside the cylinder in N/mm2, th = D where σc = Allowable circumferential stress in MPa or N/mm2. It may be taken as 30 to 50 MPa, and C = Constant whose value is taken as 0.1. The studs or bolts are screwed up tightly alongwith a metal gasket or asbestos packing to provide a leak proof joint between the cylinder and cylinder head. The tightness of the joint also depends upon the pitch of the bolts or studs, which should lie between...
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