It can also withstand high gas pressure b sometimes a

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Unformatted text preview: Since the value of WB = σc . A L 1 + a k xx 2 The buckling load (WB) may be calculated by using thr following relation, i.e. WB = Max. gas force × Factor of safety The factor of safety may be taken as 5 to 6. Notes : (a) The I-section of the connecting rod is used due to its lightness and to keep the inertia forces as low as possible specially in case of high speed engines. It can also withstand high gas pressure. (b) Sometimes a connecting rod may have rectangular section. For slow speed engines, circular section may be used. (c) Since connecting rod is manufactured by forging, therefore the sharp corner of I-section are rounded off as shown in Fig. 32.13 (b) for easy removal of the section from dies. Internal Combustion Engine Parts n 1153 The dimensions B = 4 t and H = 5 t, as obtained above by applying the Rankine’s formula, are at the middle of the connecting rod. The width of the section (B) is kept constant throughout the length of the connecting rod, but the depth or height varies. The depth near the small end (or piston end) is taken as H1 = 0.75 H to 0.9H and the depth...
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