It withstands the pressure of gas in the cylinder 2

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Unformatted text preview: may be flat, convex or concave depending upon the design of combustion chamber. It withstands the pressure of gas in the cylinder. 2. Piston rings. The piston rings are used to seal the cyliner in order to prevent leakage of the gas past the piston. 3. Skirt. The skirt acts as a bearing for the side thrust of the connecting rod on the walls of cylinder. 4. Piston pin. It is also called gudgeon pin or wrist pin. It is used to connect the piston to the connecting rod. 32.6 Design Considerations for a Piston In designing a piston for I.C. engine, the following points should be taken into consideration : 1. It should have enormous strength to withstand the high gas pressure and inertia forces. 2. It should have minimum mass to minimise the inertia forces. 3. It should form an effective gas and oil sealing of the cylinder. 4. It should provide sufficient bearing area to prevent undue wear. 5. It should disprese the heat of combustion quickly to the cylinder walls. 6. It should have high speed reciprocation without noise. 7. It should be o...
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