Its value is usually taken as 045 d pb1 bearing

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Unformatted text preview: meter of the piston pin in mm l1 = Length of the piston pin in the bush of the small end of the connecting rod in mm. Its value is usually taken as 0.45 D. pb1 = Bearing pressure at the small end of the connecting rod bushing in N/mm2. Its value for the bronze bushing may be taken as 25 N/mm2. We know that load on the piston due to gas pressure or gas load π D2 = ..(i) ×p 4 and load on the piston pin due to bearing pressure or bearing load ...(ii) = Bearing pressure × Bearing area = pb1 × d0 × l1, From equations (i) and (ii), the outside diameter of the piston pin (d0) may be obtained. The piston pin may be checked in bending by assuming the gas load to be uniformly distributed over the length l1 with supports at the centre of the bosses at the two ends. From Fig. 32.8, we find that the length between the supports, D − l1 l +D =1 2 2 Now maximum bending moment at the centre of the pin, l2 = l1 + l2 l1 l1 P P M= 2 × 2 − l × 2 × 4 1 P 2 P =2 = = l2 P l1 − × 2 2 4 l1 + D P l1 × − 4 2×2 2 × P. l1 P.D P....
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