Pm 1500 with possible overspeed of 2500 compression

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Unformatted text preview: size of studs when the permissible stresses for the cylinder head and stud materials are 45 MPa and 65 MPa respectively. 2. Design a cast iron trunk type piston for a single acting four stroke engine developing 75 kW per cylinder when running at 600 r.p.m. The other avialable data is as follows: Maximum gas pressure = 4.8 N/mm2; Indicated mean effective pressure = 0.65 N/mm2; Mechanical efficiency = 95%; Radius of crank = 110 mm; Fuel consumption = 0.3 kg/BP/hr; Calorific value of fuel (higher) = 44 × 103kJ/kg; Difference of temperatures at the centre and edges of the piston head = 200ºC; Allowable stress for the material of the piston = 33.5 MPa; Allowable stress for the material of the piston rings and gudgeon pin = 80 MPa; Allowable bearing pressure on the piston barrel = 0.4 N/mm2 and allowable bearing pressure on the gudgeon pin = 17 N/mm2. 3. Design a piston for a four stroke diesel engine consuming 0.3 kg of fuel per kW of power per hour and produces a brake mean effective pressure of the 0.7 N/mm2. The maximum gas pressure inside the c...
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