The cylinders are usually made of cast iron or cast

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Unformatted text preview: ders are usually made of cast iron or cast steel. Since the cylinder has to withstand high temperature due to the combustion of fuel, therefore, some arrangement must be provided to cool the cylinder. The single cylinder engines (such as scooters and motorcycles) are generally air cooled. They are provided with fins around the cylinder. The multi-cylinder engines (such as of cars) are provided with water jackets around the cylinders to cool it. In smaller engines. the cylinder, water jacket and the frame are Internal Combustion Engine Parts n 1127 made as one piece, but for all the larger engines, these parts are manufactured separately. The cylinders are provided with cylinder liners so that in case of wear, they can be easily replaced. The cylinder liners are of the following two types : 1. Dry liner, and 2. Wet liner. Fig. 32.2. Dry and wet liner. A cylinder liner which does not have any direct contact with the engine cooling water, is known as dry liner, as shown in Fig. 32.2 (a). A cyl...
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