The oil is forced up the spout and then to the big

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Unformatted text preview: g is pressure lubricated. In the splash lubrication system, the cap at the big end is provided with a dipper or spout and set at an angle in such a way that when the connecting rod moves downward, the spout will dip into the lubricating oil contained in the sump. The oil is forced up the spout and then to the big end bearing. Now when the connecting rod moves upward, a splash of oil is produced by the spout. This splashed up lubricant find its way into the small end bearing through the widely chamfered holes provided on the upper surface of the small end. In the pressure lubricating system, the lubricating oil is fed under pressure to the big end bearing through the holes drilled in crankshaft, crankwebs and crank pin. From the big end bearing, the oil is fed to small end bearing through a fine hole drilled in the shank of the connecting rod. In some cases, the small end bearing is lubricated by the oil scrapped from the walls of the cyinder liner by the oil scraper rings. 32.14 Forces Acting on the Connecting Rod The various forces acting on...
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