The thickness of the ribs may be takes as th 3 to th

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Unformatted text preview: ound the skirt should be provided to distribute the side thrust from the connecting rod and thus to prevent distortion of the skirt. The thickness of the ribs may be takes as tH / 3 to tH / 2. 3. For engines having length of stroke to cylinder bore (L / D) ratio upto 1.5, a cup is provided in the top of the piston head with a radius equal to 0.7 D. This is done to provide a space for combustion chamber. 32.9 Piston Rings The piston rings are used to impart the necessary radial pressure to maintain the seal between the piston and the cylinder bore. These are usually made of grey cast iron or alloy cast iron because of their good wearing properties and also they retain spring characteristics even at high temperatures. The piston rings are of the following two types : 1. Compression rings or pressure rings, and 2. Oil control rings or oil scraper. The compression rings or pressure rings are inserted in the grooves at the top portion of the piston and may be three to seven in number. These ri...
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