The weight of the flywheel is 80 kn and the explosion

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Unformatted text preview: from centre to centre = 325 mm; Stroke length = 150 mm; R.P.M. = 1500 with possible overspeed of 2500; Compression ratio = 4 : 1; Maximum explosion pressure = 2.5 N/mm2. 5. The following particulars refer to a four stroke cycle diesel engine: Cylinder bore = 150 mm; Stroke = 187.5 mm; R.P.M. = 1200; Maximum gas pressure = 5.6 N/mm2; Mass of reciprocating parts = 1.75 kg. 1. The dimensions of an I-section connecting rod of forged steel with an elastic limit compressive stress of 350 MPa. The ratio of the length of connecting rod to the length of crank is 4 and the factor of safety may be taken as 5; 2. The wrist pin and crankpin dimensions on the basis of bearing pressures of 10 N/mm2 and 6.5 N/mm2 of the projected area respectively; and 3. The dimensions of the small and big ends of the connecting rods, including the size of the securing bolts of the crankpin end. Assume that the allowable stress in the bolts, is not to exceed 35 N/mm2. Draw dimensioned sketches of the connecting rod showing the provisions for lubrication. 6. A connecting rod is required to be designed for a high speed, four stro...
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