Wall thickness of the cylinder if the hoop stress is

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Unformatted text preview: h half of the lift, therefore, valve displeacement diagram for opening and closing of valve consists of double parabola. δmax = * For complete details, refer Authors’ popular book on ‘Theory of Machines’. 1210 n A Textbook of Machine Design Fig. 32.32. Displacement diagram. 6. Join Aa, Ab , Ac intersecting the vertical lines 1, 2, 3 at B, C, D respectively. 7. Join the points B, C, D with a smooth curve. This is the required parabola for the half of valve opening. Similarly other curves may be drawn as shown in Fig. 32.32. 8. The curve A, B, C, ..., G, K, L, M is the required displacement diagram. Now the profile of the cam, as shown in Fig. 32.32, is drawn as discussed in the following steps: 1. Draw a base circle with centre O and diameter equal 40 mm (radius = 40/2 = 20 mm) 2. Draw a prime circle with centre O and 1 radius, OA= Min. radius of cam + 2 1 Gears keyed to camshafts Diameter of roller = 20 + × 28 2 = 20 + 14 = 34 mm 3. Draw angle AOG = 53.5º to represent opening of valve and angle GOM =...
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