We know that inertia force of the reciprocating parts

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Unformatted text preview: sion. Again, equating equations (i) and (iii), we have FL = dp · lp · pbp Taking lp = 1.5 dp to 2 dp, the value of dp and lp are determined from the above expression. 3. Size of bolts for securing the big end cap The bolts and the big end cap are subjected to tensile force which corresponds to the inertia force of the reciprocating parts at the top dead centre on the exhaust stroke. We know that inertia force of the reciprocating parts, cos 2θ 2 ∴ FI = mR .ω .r cos θ + l / r We also know that at the top dead centre, the angle of inclination of the crank with the line of stroke, θ = 0 r FI = mR .ω2 .r 1 + l where mR = Mass of the reciprocating parts in kg, ω = Angular speed of the engine in rad / s, r = Radius of the crank in metres, and l = Length of the connecting rod in metres. The bolts may be made of high carbon steel or nickel alloy steel. Since the bolts are under repeated stresses but not alternating stresses, therefore, a factor of safety may be taken as 6. Let dcb = Core diameter of the bolt in mm, ∴ ∴ Force on t...
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