When the load f is assumed to act at the centre of

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Unformatted text preview: our own proportions. Draw a neat dimensioned sketch showing provision for lubrication. Use Rankine formula for which the numerator constant may be taken as 320 N/mm2 and the denominator constant 1 / 7500. * We know that the maximum bending moment for a simply or freely supported beam with a uniformly distributed load of FI over a length x between the supports (In this case, x is the distance between the cap FI × x . When the load F is assumed to act at the centre of the freely supported beam, then I 8 FI × x . Thus the maximum bending moment in between these two bending the maximum bending moment is 4 FI × x FI × x FI × x moments i.e. 8 and 4 is 6 . bolt centres) is 1156 n A Textbook of Machine Design Solution. Given : N = 1800 r.p.m. ; p = 3.15 N/mm2 ; D = 100 mm ; mR = 2.25 kg ; l = 380 mm = 0.38 m ; Stroke = 190 mm ; *Compression ratio = 6 : 1 ; F. S. = 6. The connecting rod is designed as discussed below : 1. Dimension of I- section of the connecting rod Let us consider an I-section of the connecting rod, as sho...
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