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Unformatted text preview: 9 say 40 mm The width of cam is taken equal to the width of roller, i.e. 14 mm. The width of cam (w′) is also taken empirically as W ′ = 0.09 × Cylinder bore + 6 mm = 0.09 × 140 +6 = 18.6 mm Let us take the width of cam as 18 mm. Now the *cam is drawn according to the procedure given below : First of all, the displacement diagram, as shown in Fig. 32.32, is drawn as discussed in the following steps : 1. Draw a horizontal line ANM such that AN represents the angular displacement when valve opens (i.e. 53.5º) to some suitable scale. The line NM represents the angular displacement of the cam when valve closes (i.e. 53.5º). 2. Divid AN and NM into any number of equal even parts (say six). 3. Draw vertical lines through points 0, 1, 2, 3 etc. equal to the lift of valve i.e. 16 mm. 4. Divide the vertical lines 3 – f and 3′ – f ′ into six equal parts as shown by points a, b, c ... and a′, b′, c′ .... in Fig. 32.32. 5. Since the valve moves with equal uniform acceleration and decleration for eac...
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