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Unformatted text preview: indicated power, p × l ×A × n watts I .P. = m 60 From this expression, the bore (D) and length of stroke (l) is determined. The length of stroke is generally taken as 1.25 D to 2D. Since there is a clearance on both sides of the cylinder, therefore length of the cylinder is taken as 15 percent greater than the length of stroke. In other words, Length of the cylinder, L = 1.15 × Length of stroke = 1.15 l Notes : (a) If the power developed at the crankshaft, i.e. brake power (B. P.) and the mechanical efficiency (ηm) of the engine is known, then B.P. I.P. = η m (b) The maximum gas pressure ( p ) may be taken as 9 to 10 times the mean effective pressure ( pm). 3. Cylinder flange and studs. The cylinders are cast integral with the upper half of the crankcase or they are attached to the crankcase by means of a flange with studs or bolts and nuts. The cylinder flange is integral with the cylinder and should be made thicker than the cylinder wall. The flange thickness should be taken as 1.2 t...
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