Pm and maximum gas pressure 35 nmm2 the valve open 30

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Unformatted text preview: ke I.C. engine. The following data are available. Diameter of piston = 88 mm; Mass of reciprocating parts = 1.6 kg; Length of connecting rod (centre to centre) = 300 mm; Stroke = 125 mm; R.P.M. = 2200 (when developing 50 kW); Possible overspeed = 3000 r.p.m.; Compression ratio = 6.8 : 1 (approximately); Probale maximum explosion pressure (assumed shortly after dead centre, say at about 3°) = 3.5 N/mm2. Draw fully dimensioned drawings of the connecting rod showing the provision for the lubrication. 7. Design a plain carbon steel centre crankshaft for a single acting four stroke, single cylinder engine for the following data: Piston diameter = 250 mm; Stroke = 400 mm; Maximum combustion pressure = 2.5 N/mm2; Weight of the flywheel = 16 kN; Total belt pull = 3 N; Length of connecting rod = 950 mm. When the crank has turned through 30° from top dead centre, the pressure on the piston is 1 N/mm2 and the torque on the crank is maximum. Any other data required for the design may be assumed. 8. Design a side crankshaft for a 500 mm ...
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