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Comm 1313: Fall 2007 Exam #2 (Chapters 8-13) Study Guide Chapter 8: Resume deception Using “You” statements in application letters Highlighting one or two main qualifications in app letters Application Form Letter of Inquiry The Employment Search Wheel Successfully preparing for a job search Planning out a resume Functional/Chronological/Combination resumes Chapter 9: 7 Types of Interviews 3 Stages of an Interview Writing a Letter of Acceptance Chapter 10: Personally established rules of relationships Explanatory knowledge Intrapersonal dissatisfaction Interpersonal deterioration Relational Dialectics Theory 3 dynamic tensions of relationships 6 types of love Informal/formal network Primary relationship vs. family Security/Affirmation/Utility/Stimulation Needs Reciprocity, Receptivity, and Association Friendship Chapter 11: Definition of small group
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Unformatted text preview: Dyad vs. Triad Group Synergy Group Socialization Additive vs. Disjunctive Task Free-riding vs. Social loafing Task vs. Maintenance roles Elaborator/Recorder/Energizer/Coordinator Roles Role of Critic/Devil’s Advocate Groupthink Tuckman’s Five Stage Model Fisher’s Four Phase Model Primary/Secondary Tension Hidden Agenda 6 Steps of an agenda Reflective Thinking 5 Types of Public Discussion Groups Chapter 12: 4 Functions of the media Powerful vs. Limited Effects model Agenda-Setting Hegemonic Function of the media Dominant Ideology Spiral of Silence Linear vs. Mosaic logic Cool medium Selective: Exposure/Attention/Perception/Retention Uses and Gratifications Television Logic Inverted Pyramid Chapter 13: Self-Inventory Audience Brainstorming 3 Purposes of a speech Survey Interview...
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