history study guide- test 1

history study guide- test 1 - Freedom for slaves but no...

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Reconstruction What were the goals of Reconstruction? Rebuild the south Prevent the return of the Confederate leaders Heal the wounds of the nation Deal with the aftermath of slavery This will be the most difficult 4 million blacks were freed in 1865 But how will they be treated in society? What were the goals of the opponents of Reconstruction – especially the KKK? Destroy the Republican Party in the South Intimidate voters so they won’t vote Keep blacks in their place Destroy schools Murder blacks who were too “uppity” “Protect” white values and culture against “Africanization”  Lincoln’s goals for Reconstruction versus the goals of the Radical Republicans Lincoln Issues “Proclamation of Reconstruction” in 1863 Abolition of slavery; pardon for whites Re-admittance to Union when 10% of white males vowed loyalty to USA
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Unformatted text preview: Freedom for slaves; but no deeper chances in condition Meant they would be free, but little change Goal: End war and bring South back Lincoln is a moderate when it comes to freedom of slaves Radical Republicans Lincoln is a Republican, but moderate Radical Republicans want deeper changes Let freed slaves vote Give them land on which to farm Don’t trust Southerners or Lincoln’s “Oath of Allegiance” Plan The Black Codes – what were they and when/how were they enforced? Laws against voting, participation on juries, and interracial marriage. Harsh penalties for black vagrancy and double-standard punishment for crimes. Prevented from being implemented by presence of Union army Role of the U.S. Military in the South. Role of Freedman’s Bureau....
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history study guide- test 1 - Freedom for slaves but no...

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