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Unformatted text preview: pothesis Ha. 2. Calculate the value of the test statistic. 3. Draw a picture of what Ha looks like, and find the P‐value. 4. State your conclusion about the data in a sentence, using the P‐value and/or comparing the P‐value to a significance level for your evidence. STEP 1: State the null hypothesis H0 and the alternative hypothesis Ha. To do a significance test, you need 2 hypotheses: H0, Null Hypothesis: the statement being tested, usually phrased as “no effect” or “no difference”. Ha, Alternative Hypothesis: the statement we hope or suspect is true instead of H0. Hypotheses always refer to some population or model. Not to a particular outcome. Hypotheses can be one‐sided or two‐sided. One‐sided hypothesis: covers just part of the range for your parameter H0: = 10 OR H0: = 10 Ha: < 10 Ha: > 10 Two‐sided hypothesis: covers the whole possible range for your parameter H0: = 10 Ha: 10 Even though Ha is what we hope or believe to be true, our test gives evidence for or against H0...
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