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Unformatted text preview: pecimen. The mean oxygen level is 4.62 mg, with the overall standard deviation of 0.92. A water purifying company claims that the mean level of oxygen in the water is 5 mg. Conduct a hypothesis test with =0.001 to determine whether the mean oxygen level is less than 5 mg. 3. An agro‐economist examines the cellulose content of a variety of alfalfa hay. Suppose that the cellulose content in the population has a standard deviation of 8 mg. A sample of 15 cuttings has a mean cellulose content of 145 mg. A previous study claimed that the mean cellulose content was 140 mg. Perform a hypothesis test to determine if the mean cellulose content is different from 140 mg if =0.05. 9 How does relate to confidence intervals? If you have a 2‐sided test, and if the and confidence level add to 100%, you can reject H0 if 0 (the number you were checking) is not in the confidence interval. a) Find a 95% confidence interval for the mean cellulose content from the above example. b) Now try the test from p...
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