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U.S. History 1877-Present: Test I Study Guide Reconstruction What were the goals of Reconstruction? What were the goals of the opponents of Reconstruction—especially the KKK? Lincoln’s goals for Reconstruction versus the goals of the Radical Republicans. The Black Codes—what were they and when/how were they enforced? Role of the U.S. Military in the South. Role of Freedman’s Bureau. The “Reconstruction Amendments—13 th , 14 th , 15 th (note we only talked about the 14 th and 15 th in class). The West Exodusters—who were they? The arrival of the Chinese and how they were treated in the West. Homestead Act of 1862. The Dawes Act of 1887. Importance of the bison for Native Americans and reasons for Bison Decline. Winter Counts—what were they for? Indian Wars: Minnesota, Sand Creek Massacre, Custer and the Black Hills, Little Big Horn, Winter campaign of 1876-77. Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance: Causes, main people involved (especially Sitting Bull), purpose of “Ghost Dance.” Chicago and
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