Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Joshua, Judges, Ruth - being defied 2.4 The Ban 3 Judges -...

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1 2 viewpoints 1.1 Joshua - The 'fantastic' viewpoint. .. epic battles, quick action, etc. 1.1.1 Simple: Obey the Word; Victory is achieved 1.2 Judges - Slow, realistic view. 1.2.1 Obey the Word, there are human flaws, but victory is eventually achieved 2 Joshua - 'good guy' followed the word. King David is a Joshua type char. - Lots of Land 2.1 Land(Promised by God in Gen 12-The Covanent) 2.2 Cov. fulfilled 2.3 Jericho taken 2.3.1 Idols taken and they start losing battles because of God's word
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Unformatted text preview: being defied 2.4 The Ban 3 Judges - the judges were both good and bad, they had flaws King Saul is a Judges type. - Lots of People 3.1 Gradual, peaceful, slow takeover of Canaan proposed by the Judges 3.2 Samson 3.2.1 Good and bad, not smart. Strong physically, weak character. 4 Ruth(an outsider) - The Blessing 4.1 God's care 4.2 Faithfulness 4.3 Boaz takes Ruth in and she becomes an insider....
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