dkt 44 blaney dep ex 10 at 1225 shepard indicated

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Unformatted text preview: ep., Ex. 13 at 44:2- 16.) Henderson alleges that during this time period she was completely devoted to SAP, and that Blaney and LaCroix never conveyed Shepard's displeasure regarding the lack of Six Sigma projects to her. *2 After LaCroix assumed the position of Quality Leader, she told Blaney and Lovelace that she wanted Henderson to be fully dedicated to Six Sigma. In August 2002, LaCroix approached Henderson to discuss whether Henderson would work exclusively on Six Sigma. The parties dispute whether LaCroix gave Henderson the option of choosing between IT and Six Sigma. Henderson asserts that LaCroix informed her that she would only be working on Six Sigma, while LaCroix and Blaney provided deposition testimony that Henderson was given a choice and that she selected Six Sigma. In September 2002, Henderson resumed her work on Six Sigma and all of her IT responsibilities were assigned to Jean-Michele Zwygart. The parties dispute the quality of Henderson's work once she resumed work on Six Sigma. An August 16, 2002 email from LaCroix to Henderson contained a list of items for Henderson to work on. These items included several completion deadlines. Defendants assert that Henderson missed all of these deadlines while Henderson maintains that she only missed some of the deadlines because of circumstances beyond her control. 166 On October 1, 2002, Henderson missed a planned meeting with LaCroix, Blaney, and Madrisotti. Henderson sent an e-mail to LaCroix, Blaney, and Madrisotti apologizing for missing the meeting and explaining that she was "stuck in another meeting and lost track of time." (Dkt.# 44, Ex. 2.) LaCroix forwarded this email to Shepard and Blaney and indicated that she was concerned about Henderson's "ability to follow through and take her ... role seriously." Id. In the same email, LaCroix also stated that she would give Henderson "through the end of the year where we can then make an evaluation," and that she would "provide the coaching and give her [Henderson] all the tools and support she needs to be successful." I...
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