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Unformatted text preview: e County said that it preferred to explore ways of accommodating McAlindin in his present position. Based on his familiarity with the County, McAlindin states that "there are a number of positions for systems analysts [in other departments] and that vacancies occur with some frequency, because of transfers, and attrition." The County does not dispute this. The County maintains an unranked transfer list, which departments can utilize if they wish when they have vacancies. The County's policy is to require employees to arrange their own transfers. In July 1993, the County required McAlindin to undergo an examination by a Countyretained psychiatrist [**6] to evaluate his ability to return to work. Dr. Reiss confirmed the diagnosis of anxiety and panic disorders. Dr. Reiss also found that McAlindin required more aggressive medications and psychotherapy in order to return to his position. Dr. Reiss concluded that, with the proper treatment, McAlindin could return to his job in three to six weeks. After receiving Dr. Reiss' evaluation, the County told McAlindin that he had to obtain the required treatment and return to his job within two months, or else he would lose any likelihood of working for the County again. 196 When he returned from his second disability leave, McAlindin felt that the way he was treated by his supervisors changed drastically. McAlindin was given a written warning by his supervisor for sleeping at work, although he informed his supervisor that his doctor had prescribed medications that made him drowsy. McAlindin also complained about not receiving adequate training to help him adapt to the changing technologies in the department when he returned from his leave of a year and a half. McAlindin alleged that the other systems analyst in his department, Floyd Garrett, had been sent to off-site training, which McAlindin had [**7] been denied. [*1232] Garrett countered that he had not received off-site training and had been trained exclusively through an on-site computer tutorial and on-the-job-training. County officials testified that the County relies almost exclusively on the computer tutorial for training. McAlindin sued the County and his supervisors for disability discrimination in violation of the ADA, 42 U.S.C. § 12101 et seq., and the California Fair E...
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