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Unformatted text preview: o Canova. Both Jones and Canova are males. Madrisotti, the former Human Resources Manager of GE IMV, resigned and was replaced by Fausto Polumbo, also a male employee. The parties dispute whether Madrisotti resigned to start her own business or because she felt that she was being discriminated against. The parties also dispute whether Henderson was replaced with a male or a female employee. *6 In further support of her claim that Shepard removed Gawin, Kasden, and Madrisotti because they were women, Henderson testified that Gawin, Kasdan, and Madrisotti told her that they believed they were removed because they were women. Indeed, Henderson alleges that when Madrisotti was leaving the company she stopped by Henderson's office and warned her that "they were getting rid of the women in the company and [she] was next." (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 39:7-9.) Henderson also claims that following her termination, she spoke with Neville Jones ("Jones"), the new Chief Financial Officer, and that Jones also felt that Henderson, Gawin, and Kasdan, were terminated because they were women. Henderson, however, did not submit sworn affidavits or deposition testimony of Gawin, Kasdan, Madrisotti, or Jones. As further evidence that Shepard discriminated against women, Henderson alleges that other employees warned her about Shepard's attitude towards women. According to Henderson, her prior boss, Gary Randolph, told her "to be very careful, because Jim [Shepard] didn't play fair and that he had a problem with women." (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 162:12-14.) She also asserts that Blaney testified (1) that Gawin told her that she was uncomfortable around Shepard because he had been demeaning towards her and (2) that Madrisotti told Blaney that Shepard put more pressure on Gawin than on her male colleagues. In her deposition, however, Blaney testified that she did not recall whether anyone specifically told her that Shepard was biased against women. (Dkt. # 44, Blaney Dep., Ex. 10 at 112-13:25-1.) Blaney also characterized the conflict between Gawin and Shepard as one of clashing personalities, not one of gender bias. (Dkt. # 44, Blaney Dep., Ex...
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