193 florida statutes id if so the court then must

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Unformatted text preview: atfield recalled that he has been to Florida only three times, in January 2003, 2004 and 2005, to attend company meetings at a Fort Lauderdale hotel, and that, during the last trip, he was in Florida less than 48 hours. Hatfield alleged that AutoNation maintained a very stringent attendance policy at the meetings and, at the time of the 2005 meeting, he had been ill and was advised not to travel, but attended due to AutoNation's attendance policy. Hatfield stated that, at the 2005 meeting, he was given a binder, but he did not take or copy the binder. Hatfield claimed that, since leaving AutoNation, he has been unemployed, he has not had any employment agreement with another dealership, and he does not work for the other Mercedes Benz dealership mentioned in AutoNation's amended complaint. 239 AutoNation filed an emergency motion for temporary injunction, and shortly thereafter filed an emergency motion to require specific performance of the contractual venue selection and to enjoin misuse of AutoNation's confidential proprietary and trade secret information. AutoNation set its specific performance motion for hearing before the trial court, and Hatfield cross-noticed his motion to dismiss for the same hearing. The day before the hearing, AutoNation served five affidavits in opposition to Hatfield's Declaration. Gary Cancinos, an AutoNation eSupport Analyst and former AutoNation customer service spet, stated in his affidavit that, when Hatfield was the general manager of the Houston dealership, there were multiple written communications, including electronic communications, between the customer service department and Hatfield. Cancinos further alleged that the customer service department, from AutoNation's Fort Lauderdale headquarters, provided Hatfield continuous customer relations support including service, sales transactions, and finance. Cancinos added that the signature block on Hatfield's e-mails to his online customers provided a Fort Lauderdale address for contacting Hatfield by mail. Marc Cannon, AutoNation's Vice President of Corporate Communications, explained in his affidavit that he routinely sent from AutoNation's Fort Lauderdale headquarters general field bulletins and other information mechanisms, and that, when Hatfield attended the annual leadership meetings in Fort Lauderdale, Hatfield was given confidential and pro...
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