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Unformatted text preview: mself, but the conduct continued. That same month, she reported the conduct to Woods. Natson testified that she did not tell Woods not to tell anyone about the situation. Woods told her that she would "take care of it." Woods admitted that she talked to Natson about Nicolas's conduct, although she recalls Natson telling her only that Nicolas made her uncomfortable. Woods did not tell anyone about her conversations with Natson and no action was taken. *947 Natson testified that after her conversation with Woods, the touching and verbal harassment became worse. After another month she went back to Woods and asked her if she took care of the problem. Woods said she had not but that she would talk to the district manager, Patte Neville, the next day. That same day, Nicolas took an opportunity 256 to rub Natson's nipple while handing her a paper. At that point Natson decided to leave and walked out of the store. Natson returned the next day and spoke to the store manager, Daryl Turner. She informed him that Nicolas had been touching her and making comments. She told Turner that she had wanted to tell him, but every time she went back to his office, Nicolas followed her. She told Turner that she had informed Woods about her problem, and Turner said that Woods should have reported it to him so that something could be done. Turner then called in the Human Resources Director, Marilyn Hannan, who conducted an investigation during which she interviewed Natson and contacted Woods. Woods told Hannan that Natson had complained to her on several occasions about Nicolas touching her. Natson was eventually terminated by Eckerd and brought this claim for sexual harassment. At the close of all of the evidence both parties moved for directed verdicts. The court granted Eckerd's motion for directed verdict on its affirmative defense that Natson failed to follow the company's policy on sexual harassment. This appeal follows. [1] A motion for directed verdict should be granted only where the evidence and reasonable in...
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