2d 666 fla 4th dcathere was evidence in the record as

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Unformatted text preview: the plaintiff's injuries. However, there was no evidence presented as to the amount of future medical expenses or as to the loss of future earning 21 capacity. See DeAlmeida v. Graham, 524 So. 2d 666 (Fla. 4th DCA)(There was evidence in the record as to need for future medical treatment, but no evidence as to amount of future medical expense.), review denied sub nom. Reid v. Graham, 519 So. 2d 988 (Fla. 1987). None of the doctors testified that Sidney Genders needed future medical treatment. For the foregoing reasons, we reverse the part of the jury verdict and final judgment awarding the plaintiffs $ 15,000 for future medical expenses and remand with directions for the entry of a judgment consistent with this opinion. 22 Case # 6 SAMMONS v. BROWARD BANK DENVER SAMMONS and JACQUELINE SAMMONS, his wife, Appellants, v. BROWARD BANK, a Florida Corporation, Appellee. CASE NO. 89-3071. COURT OF APPEAL OF FLORIDA, FOURTH DISTRICT 599 So. 2d 1018; 1992 Fla. App. LEXIS 4735; 17 U.C.C. Rep. Serv. 2d (Callaghan) 1371; 17 Fla. Law W. D 1097 April 29, 1992, Filed SUBSEQUENT HISTORY: [**1] Rehearing Denied June 23, 1992. Released for Publication June 23, 1992. PRIOR HISTORY: Appeal from the Circuit Court for Broward County; Robert C. Scott, Judge. COUNSEL: Arthur Joel Levine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for appellants. Deborah C. Poore of Walton, Lantaff, Schroeder, Carson, Fort Lauderdale, for appellee. JUDGES: ANSTEAD, GLICKSTEIN, LETTS OPINIONBY: ANSTEAD OPINION: [*1018] ANSTEAD, J. This is an appeal from a final judgment entered against the appellants, Denver and Jacqueline Sammons, on their claim for tortious repossession of their automobile against appellee, Broward Bank. We reverse. FACTS Broward Bank financed the purchase of an automobile by the Sammons using the same automobile for collateral. Subsequently, after Sammons was in default on the loan, the bank attempted to repossess the car. Evidence was presented at trial that on a Sunday morning, while the Sammons were in church, the bank's agents slashed the t...
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