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Unformatted text preview: tion posed to her by Shepard. [FN5] Her PowerPoint slides were missing information and contained incorrect graphs and incomplete templates. Additionally, some of her pie charts were missing numbers, while others had numbers off the page. LaCroix considered the presentation to have gone "very poorly." (Dkt. # 44, LaCroix Dep., Ex. 9 at 165:23.) Shepard spoke with Henderson after the presentation to express his disappointment and to question whether Henderson should continue in her current role. Shepard also spoke with Blaney, who was not present for the presentation, and told her that Henderson's performance was "totally unacceptable." (Dkt. # 44, Blaney Dep., Ex. 10 at 122:5.) Shepard indicated that he never wanted to have a meeting like that again with one of his leaders. 167 Later that day, LaCroix expressed her disappointment with Henderson's presentation by calling and emailing Henderson. Henderson responded to LaCroix's email, indicating that she had fallen short on delivering what she had been responsible for and that she was not proud of her performance. Then, on Thursday, December 5, 2002, a conference call was set up between Henderson, LaCroix, and Canova to discuss Henderson's performance at the December 3, 2002 meeting. Henderson and Canova were in Canova's office in Switzerland, while LaCroix was at GE Digital Energy in Georgia. During the conversation, LaCroix discussed Henderson's presentation and informed her that she was being placed on a formal "Performance Improvement Plan." Thereafter, Henderson became very upset. She provided the following deposition testimony regarding this meeting: the statement was said from Brigitte [LaCroix] that I was going to be put on the performance plan, and I told both Brigitte [LaCroix] and Mauro [Canova] that I no longer--if I had to be put on a performance plan, that I no longer wanted to work in the business, and Brigitte [LaCroix] asked me if I was--was my resignation; was I resigning. I said I no longer wanted to be in the business. Then she asked again, does that mean you want to resign, and I said yes. She immediately left the phone...
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