Appellant urges that these two incidents even

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Unformatted text preview: urner. The first incident involved Tallahassee Furniture's knowledge that Turner had been arrested for violation of probation received in connection with a charge of grand theft. The offense arose out of an incident in which he failed to return a rent-to-own television set. During his employment, appellant's management became aware of his arrest for violation of his probation for failure [**23] to make restitution as ordered, and the company advanced money to Turner to pay this obligation. The second incident involved Tallahassee Furniture's discovery, in the late fall of 1985, after Turner had been permitted to drive a truck, that Turner had no driver's license. In fact, Turner had not had a license for five years. Appellant urges that these two incidents, even accepting the fact that Tallahassee Furniture became aware of them during the course of Turner's employment, are not of such a serious nature that Tallahassee Furniture was on notice of Turner's unfitness for employment. 40 [*754] We are inclined to agree that, standing alone, mere knowledge that the employee had in the past been subjected to a charge of grand theft in connection with failure to return a television set, and that he had undertaken to drive a truck without a valid license, does not appear to be sufficient to place Tallahassee Furniture on notice that Turner was unfit for employment as a deliveryman. On the other hand, Harrison presented the testimony of an expert in public and private security and in various criminological areas, that knowledge of these infractions was sufficient to reasonably indicate the need [**24] for further inquiry. In addition, however, Harrison presented evidence, without objection, that Turner was a heavy intravenous cocaine user during his entire full-time employment with TallahasseeFurniture and was a heavy intravenous heroin user during the last few months before his attack on Harrison; that his drug and alcohol use on the job was commonplace; and that he had indulged in the use of drugs on the premises at work with another employee, which was known to management of Tallahassee Furniture. Also without objection, evidence was presented that one of the principals of Tallahassee Furniture was aware of a prior psychiatric hospitalization. This evidence of Turner's unfitness was corroborated to a large extent by evidence of the track marks on both arms at the time of his ar...
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