As noted above zihalas discharge evaluation and dr

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Unformatted text preview: of her disability. The record contains overwhelming evidence that the Department discharged Zihala because of her poor work performance and disruptive behavior. As evidence of Zihala's poor work performance, the Department has produced Zihala's discharge evaluation. This evaluation, dated December 22, 1993, was completed by Zihala's supervisors and sets forth their reasons for discharging her: Ms. [*14] Zihala's work performance was below standard. She demonstrated an inability to follow directions, questioned assignment[s] and demanded in an unprofessional manner that time be donated to her personally by her supervisor and Section Chief. She had no knowledge of such rudimentary operations as the use of analytical balances or the scientific recording of data and results. Every day, at least once, Ms. Zihala demanded immediate promotion to Chemistry Supervisor even though she had been informed that she had been evaluated for that position and not deemed qualified. (Def. Ex. A- 12). These comments are echoed by Dr. Pirl in his affidavit and deposition testimony. According to Dr. Pirl, on several occasions during her first week with the Department Zihala requested that he promote her to the Chemistry Supervisor position and that he, rather than her direct supervisor, give her assignments. At one point during the first week, Zihala accused Dr. Pirl of being prejudiced toward the former Chicago employees and stated in an aggressive manner that she deserved the supervisor position. Zihala spent at least one hour each day in Dr. Pirl's office complaining that she should be a supervisor, [*15] complaining that the State had "done her wrong," and asking to see a union representative about obtaining a supervisor position. Zihala also appeared to be unfamiliar with the operation of the analytical balance which is a basic chemistry procedure. Dr. Pirl "considered this to be a serious defect in her background or experience." (Pirl Aff. P 22). Even after some training, it would take Zihala 20 minutes to perform a measurement that should take about only a minut...
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