As plant manager riley stated that he felt an

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Unformatted text preview: nt of a Caucasian woman. The cartoon was entitled "How a Black Man Commits Suicide." Sometime after 1993, Smith heard his supervisor, Bobby Guy, telling a "nigger" joke. Guy admitted using the term. Smith testified also that sometime in the 1990's he heard foreman Ronnie Curry referring to a black employee as a "gorilla. [*6] " Smith stated that he complained to Curry. Smith also stated that he had "been to a supervisor once before and my foreman" to complain about use of the "N" word. Smith testified that he inquired about promotion and was told that he needed a high school diploma. He later learned that several of the white supervisors did not have high school diplomas. Smith signed up to be promoted in 1990. However, in 1993, Bobby Guy, who is white, received the position even though he had never run a wire drawing machine or set one up. Smith testified that in his twenty years with Adcom, the company never had a black supervisor. Furthermore, Smith offered evidence that Adcom never employed more than four or five blacks at one time, and that between 1992 and 1994, the numbers of black employees was reduced by half through involuntary terminations. Smith also presented statistics showing that between the years 1989 through 1995, there were no black supervisors at the Leitchfield plant, the Adcom plant, or the Winchester plant. Smith further testified that he thought that he was discharged because for years he had complained about the lack of black supervisors. Smith also asked the jury to [*7] infer discriminatory purpose because other white employees received less severe discipline for offenses similar to Smith's. Employee Willie Reed brought a gun to the plant, but was not terminated. On August 8, 1992, Employee Cecil Hopper, threatened a supervisor with bodily harm, but received only a written warning despite a disciplinary record. On February 1, 1994, employee Jeff Banta heated up a pair of pliers and touched them...
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