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Unformatted text preview: y theory to indicate why Blaney and LaCroix acted to effectuate Shepard's supposed gender biases. And Henderson has offered no evidence to indicate that Shepard and Blaney would purposely discriminate against their own suspect class. Furthermore, during her deposition, when Henderson was asked, "When Mr. Canova said Brigitte [LaCroix] hated you, did Mr. Canova indicate that it was because of your race or your gender?" she responded, "No." (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 147:4-7.) Accordingly, plaintiff has failed to provide any concrete particulars that could prove gender discrimination on the part of GE. Therefore, defendants are entitled to summary judgment on plaintiff's gender discrimination claim. III. CONCLUSION *15 For the foregoing reasons defendants' motion for summary judgment (Dkt. # 44) is GRANTED. SO ORDERED at Hartford, Connecticut, this 8th day of December, 2006. FN1. In her Second Amended Complaint, plaintiff names four defendants: General Electric Company, GE Industrial Systems, GE Digital Energy, and GE IMV. FN2. Plaintiff, in her opposition to defendants' motion for summary judgment, elected to "drop her claim of race discrimination." (Dkt.# 49.) Accordingly, Count One and Count Three of Plaintiff's Second Amended Complaint are hereby DISMISSED. FN3. At the time of the events alleged, GE IMV reported to GE Digital Energy, which was located in Georgia. GE Digital Energy was a sub-business of GE Industrial Systems, which was based in Connecticut. Due to a series of reorganizations, the entities formerly known as GE Industrial Systems and GE Digital Energy no longer exist. FN4. At GE, a "Performance Improvement Plan" is a formal plan that sets specific deadlines for an employee to improve her performance before facing termination or other disciplinary action. FN5. Henderson also notes that Mohammed Alwan, one of the other presenters at the meeting of December 3, 2002, was not able to answer a Six Sigma question that Shepard asked hi...
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