Dkt 44 7 ex 9 henderson was paid until march 2003 the

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Unformatted text preview: and went to get Blanca [Blaney] and bring Blanca [Blaney] onto the phone. Blanca [Blaney] came on the call, and her first question she asked me was what date did I want to leave--did I want to depart. The situation was emotional then. I was in the room with Mauro [Canova]. I was crying in the room with Mauro [Canova], and Mauro [Canova] just asked that we all just stop and take a break and that we regroup on Monday.... *4 (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 7:14 -8:7.) LaCroix testified that the only reason the meeting was continued until Monday was to work out the details surrounding Henderson's resignation. Henderson counters that she did not resign and that the purpose of the Monday meeting was to continue to discuss her performance and her future at GE after she had composed herself. She avers, "When I made this statement [that I no longer wanted to work in the business], I was referring to the fact that I no longer wanted to work with Ms. LaCroix and Mr. Shepard. I had no intention of giving up my 15 year career with General Electric." (Dkt. # 49-3, Henderson Aff., Ex. 1 ¶ 15.) In addition, Henderson testified, "After the meeting was over, when everyone was off the phone Mauro [Canova] and I continued to talk. Mauro [Canova] could physically see that I was upset. Mauro [Canova] told me to take the time to think about it. And that's what I did. And I left his office and I went back to work." (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 22:4-10). At some point following the conference call of December 5, 2002, Blaney informed Shepard that Henderson had resigned and that her resignation had been accepted. Henderson, however, returned to work on Friday, December 6, 2002. When Henderson returned to the office, no one informed her that she was no longer considered an employee. In addition, Henderson reported for work on Monday, December 9, 2002. She testified, "On the Monday [December 9, 2002], I spoke with Mauro [Canova] first, and 168 we talked and I told him that I thought about it, and I had decided not to resign and that I was going to stay with the business." (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 23:5-8.) Thereafter, Canova, Henderson, Blaney, and LaC...
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