Dkt 44 henderson dep ex 8 at 4014 18 lastly henderson

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Unformatted text preview: ffice and stated that you wanted to retract your resignation. Given the performance issues we have discussed and the feedback you received concerning your presentation to the CEO last week, we do not feel able to continue the employment relationship and have to insist on the validity of your resignation. Given what has happened, we sent you home pending confirmation of your status. Accordingly and for the avoidance of any doubt as to the status of your employment with GE Digital Energy SA this letter serves as notice that we are terminating your employment should your resignation against our expectations not be valid. (Dkt.# 44-7, Ex. 9.) Henderson was paid until March 2003. The parties dispute whether Henderson was permitted to return to GE IMV during her severance period and whether she was allowed to return company property and to pick up her personal property. The parties also dispute who performed Henderson's duties following her departure. Defendants maintain that the Six Sigma program was restructured and that Janice Burr, a female employee working in the United States, assumed Henderson's responsibilities. Henderson argues that her employer offered her 169 position to Otavio Kehdi ("Kehdi") and that although he declined the offer, he performed some of her duties, such as staff meetings and updates. According to Henderson, her termination was a product of gender discrimination. In support of this assertion, Henderson argues: (1) during her tenure at GE IMV, Shepard terminated four female executives and replaced them with men; (2) these females told her that they were removed because they were women; (3) she witnessed Shepard make sexist comments about Blaney; and (4) the male employees who gave poor presentations or resigned were treated more favorably than she was. Specifically, Henderson alleges that GE IMV was referred to as "the company run by women" and that Shepard replaced Cigdem Kasdan ("Kasdan"), Gawin, Madrisotti, and Henderson with male employees. The parties agree that Kasdan, the Chief Financial Officer, and Gawin, the CEO of GE IMV in Switzerland, were both removed for performance reasons. Kasdan was replaced by Neville Jones, and Gawin was replaced by Maur...
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