During the teleconference henderson questioned

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Unformatted text preview: ces Manager for GE IMV; and John Burns ("Burns"), the Quality Leader in Europe. During the interview process, 165 Gawin's boss was replaced by Shepard. Thus, Henderson also met with Shepard, although the parties dispute whether this meeting was just a "formality." Henderson received a letter signed by Gawin and Madrisotti, which offered her the position of Director of Quality and Information Technology of GE Systems. Henderson assumed her new post on January 20, 2002. In her new role, she was responsible for both Six Sigma and IT projects. Six Sigma is a methodology used by GE to improve business performance through statistical analysis, and IT refers to Information Technology. Initially, plaintiff worked on both Six Sigma and IT projects. Then, in February or March of 2002, Gawin and the head of Information Technology, Mark Lovelace, told Henderson to devote 100% of her resources to a large IT project known as SAP. Plaintiff served as the Joint Project Manager of the SAP project from approximately March 2002 until late August or early September 2002. As a result of Henderson's performance, she was given the highest award possible at GE. In the interim, in February or March 2002, Burns left his position. Shepard hired Burns's replacement, Brigitte LaCroix ("LaCroix"), during the month of July, 2002. LaCroix was given the responsibility of supervising Six Sigma projects for all the GE Digital Energy businesses, including GE IMV. Upon starting her new assignment, LaCroix discovered that very little progress had been made with regard to Six Sigma implementation. LaCroix testified that she was under pressure from Shepard to increase the number of Six Sigma projects and that she discussed Henderson's performance with Blanca Blaney ("Blaney"), the Human Resources Manager for GE Digital Energy. Blaney also provided deposition testimony that in July or August of 2002, LaCroix approached her regarding Henderson's performance. (Dkt. # 44-10, Blaney D...
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