Fn2 plaintiff in her opposition to defendants motion

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Unformatted text preview: presentations to Shepard. Even assuming that Christian and Alwan performed poorly, Henderson offers no evidence to indicate that they were treated differently because they were male or that following their poor performances they told their superiors that they wished to leave the business. Henderson also claims that Canova permitted Lauro Strozzi, the head of engineering, to rescind his resignation. Other than her own testimony, however, she offers no evidence to support this assertion. Nor does she indicate when this event occurred, what the circumstances were surrounding this event, or whether Shepard, LaCroix, or Blaney were involved in the decision to allow Strozzi to remain with the company. In addition, Henderson claims that in September 2002, she was excluded from the annual sales meeting, which was hosted by GE Digital Energy's Sales Department. According to Henderson, she was not invited to the meeting, which was hosted Syed Jafry, the head of sales for GE Digital Energy Europe, even though the male members of the staff, Tiziano Christian, Lauro Strozzi, and Joe Flanagan attended the event. Henderson testified that she learned of the meeting "[b]ecause the last day of the sales meeting, they were doing a report-out to Jim Shepard, and Mauro Canova had approached me and told me that I needed to be there because they did not want Jim to know that I had not been at that meeting the entire time." (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 51:3-7.). Henderson makes no claim that she was not invited to the meeting at request of Shepard, LaCroix, Blaney, or Canova. Nor does she indicate who sent out the invitations. Indeed, her testimony indicates that Shepard and Canova wanted her to attend the meeting. *14 According to Henderson, other terminated employees, such as Peter Elemer, Thomas Host, and Gawin, were allowed access to the GE infrastructure and were permitted to seek other employment opportunities within GE. Henderson claims that she was denied the same access, and that such a denial was a result of gender discrimination. According to Henderson's own deposition testimony and affidavit, however, her treatment was different from all of these individuals, w...
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