Fn8 henderson also offers blaneys deposition

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Unformatted text preview: hich included both men and women in high ranking positions. For instance, she averred, "After Ms. Gawin was told to move on, she was given the opportunity to transition to another GE business unit. During this transition period, she continued to come to the office and had access to the building and to the Company network to seek to find alternative employment." (Dkt. # 49-3, Henderson Aff., Ex. 1 at ¶ 40; Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 61:19-20.) Both Henderson and Blaney also testified that Kasdan was afforded an opportunity to look for another job with GE. (Dkt. # 49-4, Henderson Dep., Ex. 2 at 61:19-20; Dkt. # 49-7, Blaney Dep., Ex. 5 at 108:13-17.) Given that Henderson was treated differently from both men and women, this proffer only shows that Henderson was treated differently from other employees, it does not show that she was treated differently because she was a woman. Looking at the totality of the evidence offered by Henderson, she has not presented sufficient evidence to give rise to an inference of discrimination. Much of Henderson's evidence of gender bias consists of her own deposition testimony that several other individuals within GE, such as Madrisotti, Gawin, Kasdan, Randolph, and Jones, made statements agreeing with her conclusions that GE discriminated against women. Yet, Henderson did not provide affidavits or deposition testimony from these individuals. Nor 178 has Henderson provided any evidence to indicate why Blaney and LaCroix, the two women directly involved in the decision to terminate Henderson, would have terminated Henderson because of her gender. All the evidence presented concerns the supposed biases of Shepard, not Blaney or LaCroix. In order to find for the plaintiff, a jury would have to believe that Lacroix and Blaney either carried out an unstated policy of Shepard's, or, even more unbelievably, acted on their own to discriminate against a member of their own class. Henderson has neither given nor proposed any evidence or an...
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