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Unformatted text preview: prietary business information including future business targets, objectives and strategies. Brian Fritz, AutoNation's Director of IT Systems, indicated in his affidavit that he ran a computer search to determine when Hatfield accessed AutoNation's computer system from June 1, 2004 through April *1240 28, 2005, and generated a computer usage log detailing everything Hatfield used on AutoNation's computer system. Ron McCrea Gordon, Lead Systems Architect in AutoNation's IT Technical Services Department, stated in his affidavit that AutoNation's Florida-based website is available only to its associates and contains information that is highly sensitive, proprietary, and confidential, including advertising strategies, stock and production plans, and marketing tools. Gordon alleged that he reviewed the log data of Hatfield's last two months of usage of the Florida-based website, and Hatfield had used the website almost daily, accessing the various proprietary programs for varying lengths of time on over 150 occasions. Mike Strong, an account executive for one of AutoNation's outside advertising agencies in Fort Lauderdale, indicated in his affidavit that he held weekly conference calls with the Houston dealership to plan and implement its advertising, and Hatfield usually participated in the calls. Strong added that he and Hatfield also regularly communicated with each other via e-mail. A few hours before the hearing, AutoNation served the affidavit of Ricardo Puerto, a Systems Engineer in AutoNation's IT Technical Services Department, who stated that he had restored approximately the last two months of Hatfield's e-mails, and that, on January 26, 2005 (five days before Hatfield's resignation from AutoNation became effective), Hatfield had forwarded to Julie Anderson, a non-AutoNation employee, five e-mails which contained proprietary attachments, including new loaner programs, a finance and insurance director pay plan, a Mercedes Benz departmental pace report, a Mercedes Benz advisor pay template, and the 2004 trac...
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