Family and medical leave act of 1993 2 et seq 29 usca

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Unformatted text preview: ire and Non-Compete Agreement" contains a forum selection clause in which Hatfield waived any objection to personal jurisdiction in Florida. The only significant difference between this case and Whitlock is that Hatfield never has worked for AutoNation in Florida, while Whitlock worked for AutoNation in Florida for six months. However, the majority of the Whitlock decision focused on Whitlock's activities while he worked in Georgia and made no mention of any activities while he worked in Florida. Moreover, comparing this case to Nordmark, the employee there never lived nor worked in Florida, and there was no mention of any forum selection clause. The Second District still found that the complaint's allegations, if true, supported personal jurisdiction. In sum, based on the record, the trial court correctly denied Hatfield's motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. Therefore, we affirm. Affirmed. 245 246 247 Case # 24 PERL vs. K-MART 576 So.2d 412, 16 Fla. L. Weekly 751 District Court of Appeal of Florida, Third District. Elizabeth PERL, Appellant, v. K-MART CORPORATION, Appellee. No. 90-558. March 19, 1991. Rehearing Denied June 27, 1991. Discount store customer appealed from judgment of the Circuit Court, Dade County, George Orr, J., in her slip-and-fall action. The District Court of Appeal, Nesbitt, J., held that customer was entitled to directed verdict on issue of negligence, regardless of whether she may have been contributorily negligent. Reversed and remanded. Discount store breached duty of care it owed customer who slipped and fell on hanger on floor; employee whom customer was following did not act when confronted with hanger directly in customer's path, a known hazardous condition as evidenced by testimony of numerous witnesses and personnel safety handbook. Directed verdict may still lie as against defendant whose negligent acts are less than the sole proximate cause of injury. *413 Grover, Ciment, Weinstein, Stauber & Friedman and Marvin Weinstein, Miami Beach, for appellant. Peters, Pickle, Niemoeller, Robertson, Lax & Parsons and Yvette Rhodes Prescott, Miami, for appellee. B...
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