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Unformatted text preview: e President of Operations for the Leggett & Platt wire group, who happened to be visiting the Adcom facility. Ford then met with Guy in person. Ford stated that Guy looked scared, and that, at that point, Ford himself became scared. Ford met with Avise and Riley, and the three agreed that they would talk to Smith the next morning. They also called Nicholasville Police to let them know that an employee had made a threat, and asked that an officer be present the next morning. The following morning, Smith returned to work as usual. Ford, Riley, and Avise met with Smith upon his arrival. According to Riley, when asked about the threat, all Smith would say was, "I might have said that." Riley felt that Smith was preoccupied with his incentive calculations. Riley suspended Smith and told him to return the following Monday. Smith left the plant without incident and without an escort. Riley called the police again and asked for a backup. On Monday, March 21, 1994, Adcom terminated Smith. 99 On September 11, 1995, Smith sued Leggett, Adcom, and L&P Acquisition Company-8 Inc. in federal court under the Kentucky Civil Right [*5] Act, Ky. Rev. St. §§ 344.040 et. seq., on the basis of diversity jurisdiction. Smith alleged in pertinent part that he suffered unequal treatment while employed at Adcom and that he was terminated because of his race. He also asserted that Defendants engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination. Smith testified at trial that co-workers and supervisors regularly made racially discriminatory comments in his presence at work. Smith stated that on his first day of work in 1974, some employees threatened him, stating: "You're [sic] nigger ass ain't going to work here." Smith also testified that on one occasion in the late 1980's or early 1990's, Smith's supervisor Sammy Guy circulated a racially discriminatory and lewd cartoon around the plant. The cartoon depicted an African-American man with a rope around his neck and connected to his penis standing in fro...
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