Harrison told him he could after turner entered the

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Unformatted text preview: e man at the door as one of the men who delivered her couch. Turner told Harrison that he needed a receipt for the television set she had given him, because "they," which Harrison assumed meant Tallahassee Furniture, thought he had stolen it. Harrison agreed to write a receipt and left the door ajar. While she was writing the receipt, Turner looked inside and asked if he could use the bathroom. Harrison told him he could. After Turner entered the house, he went into the kitchen area, then suddenly reappeared with a knife in the living room, where Harrison was writing the receipt, and attacked Harrison, threatening to kill her. When Harrison pleaded with him, he suddenly released her and said he was sorry and that he was "screwed up" and on [*749] drugs, and told her to go call the police. Instead, Harrison, terrified, ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Unfortunately, [**6] Turner pursued her, broke the door open, savagely stabbed her with the knife, and bludgeoned her into unconsciousness while she lay bleeding on the bathroom floor. Miraculously, Harrison regained consciousness after Turner left the apartment, and was able to reach the front door, where her cries for help were heard by neighbors. When police officers arrived at the scene of the attack, Harrison told the officers that her assailant was John Allen Turner, a Tallahassee Furniture employee. At this time, Turner reappeared at the apartment driving a Tallahassee Furniture delivery truck. Police approached the driver and asked for a driver's license. Seeing the name John Allen Turner, Turner was arrested. During the presentation of plaintiff's case, Harrison presented extensive evidence establishing Turner's unfitness for employment for duties involving the entry of customers' homes. This included proof that Turner had a juvenile record for armed robbery and burglary in 1976; adult records of arrest for assault and battery; a charge of aggravated battery in 1979; a conviction for battery involv...
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