Hatfield neither testified nor appeared in person at

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Unformatted text preview: assistance, direction, supervision and support to aid him in operating his dealership. AutoNation further alleged that Hatfield committed tortious acts in Florida by misappropriating and converting AutoNation's trade secrets and other confidential proprietary business information and by coming to AutoNation's 2005 leadership meeting in Florida under false pretenses to obtain information while knowing that he did not intend to remain an AutoNation general manager. Moreover, AutoNation pled that Hatfield contractually agreed to venue in Broward County. Hatfield moved to dismiss the action for lack of personal jurisdiction and failure to state a cause of action. Hatfield alleged that the trial court did not have personal jurisdiction over him under Florida's long-arm statute, that minimum contacts did not exist between himself and Florida, and that AutoNation failed to state a cause of action alleging he had committed any tortious *1239 acts. Hatfield attached to his motion to dismiss a sworn declaration stating that he is a citizen and resident of Texas; he has lived in Texas continuously since 1986; he has never lived in Florida; he has never worked in Florida; he has never owned, and does not own, any real property in Florida; he does not maintain any bank accounts in Florida; he has not entered into any contracts in Florida; and he does not regularly transact, and has not transacted, any business in Florida. Responding to AutoNation's allegations, Hatfield's sworn declaration also stated that he signed the "Confidentiality, No-Solicitation/No-Hire and Non-Compete Agreement" on the understanding that, if he did not sign the agreement, then he would lose his job. Hatfield stated that he was given, and signed, the agreement in Texas. Hatfield contended that he has never been to AutoNation's offices or headquarters in Florida. Hatfield stated that he attended a limited number of business meetings in Florida, but only because he was required to do so as part of his job. H...
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