Henderson counters that she did not resign and that

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Unformatted text preview: d. Henderson was unaware of the email at the time it was sent. On October 29, 2002, LaCroix reviewed a document entitled "Project Plan for Lisa Henderson" with Henderson over a conference call. (Dkt.# 44, Ex. 3.) Prior to the teleconference, LaCroix forwarded the plan to Blaney and Mauro Canova ("Canova"), the General Manager for GE IMV. Then, on November 7, 2002, LaCroix again discussed this project plan with Henderson over a conference call. LaCroix noted that Henderson missed several deadlines, which Henderson contends were not deadlines at all, but merely target dates. During the teleconference, Henderson questioned whether the project plan was a formal "Performance Improvement Plan." [FN4] When LaCroix responded that the project plan was a Performance Improvement Plan, Henderson became upset. The parties dispute whether Henderson hung-up on LaCroix or whether the call mutually ended. Following this conversation, LaCroix emailed Blaney to express her concerns about Henderson. (Dkt # 44, Ex. 4.) In this email, LaCroix again noted that she hoped to have a review of Henderson's performance in mid-January. Thereafter, Henderson, LaCroix, Canova, and Blaney had a teleconference where Blaney explained that Henderson was not on a formal "Performance Improvement Plan" because the proper procedures had not been followed. *3 On November 12, 2002, Henderson made three separate presentations to Shepard on Billing Accuracy and Post Sales Service Issue Resolution. Henderson was praised for her performance. Then, on December 3, 2002, Henderson along with the two Quality Leaders from the other two GE Digital Energy businesses made presentations to Shepard. The presentations were considered a "dry run" for a report that Shepard and LaCroix would present to Shepard's boss, Lloyd Trotter, President of Industrial Systems. Henderson admits that there were technical problems with her presentation and that she was unable to answer a ques...
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