K mart corporation appellee no 90 558 march 19 1991

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Unformatted text preview: a Florida venue selection clause, the defendant has given implied consent to personal jurisdiction in the forum State and has, in essence, conceded minimum contacts"). [13] As stated above, Hatfield appears to have been engaged in continuous and systematic general business contact with Florida, and the underlying contract contains a 243 clause selecting Florida as the forum to resolve any action arising out of the relationship between Hatfield and AutoNation. Thus, Hatfield's conduct and connection with Florida are such that he should reasonably have anticipated being haled into court in Florida for this suit. The factors present here appear very similar to two cases in which other courts have found that an out-of-state agent had minimum contacts with Florida sufficient to support personal jurisdiction. In Nordmark Presentations, Inc. v. Harman, 557 So.2d 649 (Fla. 2d DCA 1990), an events promotion company known as Events International hired Harman to arrange events throughout the United States. The parties' contract provided that, if the contract terminated, Harman, for three years, would not conduct any promotions in metropolitan areas where he previously had conducted promotions for Events. At the time of his hire, Harman resided in Iowa. After Harman completed a training seminar in Ohio, Events assigned Harman briefly to Alabama, and then to Michigan, where he resided and performed his duties for three years before he terminated the contract. According to the unrefuted allegations of the complaint, Events' Sarasota office provided Harman with proprietary information, trade secrets, managerial training and assistance, and regularly directed and supervised Harman's day-to-day activities. In addition, Events assisted Harman in carrying out his assigned duties, in solving problems, and in providing technical and practical assistance and support. While working for Events, Harman attended three business meetings in Florida, each of which lasted no more than one-and-a-half days. H...
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