Mendoza v borden inc 195 f3d 1238 11th cir1999 cert

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Unformatted text preview: fecting my job personally, yes, because he gave favoritism to the three that went along with it, like unbelievable favoritism. They lived by a whole different set of rules. *925 When someone complained to upper management about Mr. Rock-we do not know whether it was about his running sexual commentary, or about other complaints associated with his management methods, he called a meeting and told his staff: Somebody here has gone upstairs and complained about me.... I'm here to tell you right now, they don't care what I do down here ... You salespeople sell $80,000 a month for Appliance Direct. I make them hundreds of thousands a month....Who do you think they are going to get rid of? Me, you, or you? Mr. Rock then threatened serious repercussions if anyone else complained. Ms. Blizzard did not complain much. She did talk to a zone manager, but did not tell him that Mr. Rock was making sexual comments. Rather, she discussed his attitude and management style. She said that she asked the zone manager if he knew what was happening in the Melbourne store, but did not go into great detail because she thought he knew what she was talking about. She also discussed her concerns about Mr. Rock in generalities with an acting manager during a period when Mr. Rock was away from the store. She described the acting manager as sympathetic, but not willing to make waves. A similar discussion with an assistant manager had about the same conclusion. Finally, Ms. Blizzard ran into a woman who worked in the human relations department of Appliance Direct who appeared to be very willing to help. Ms. Blizzard's employment was concluded the following day, however, before she had the opportunity to meet with her. The end came when Mr. Rock was ranting to another female employee. Ms. Blizzard then told him that she thought he was prejudiced and “don't like white women.” According to Ms. Blizzard, Mr. Rock fired her on the spot. According to Mr. Rock, she just walked out. Either way, Ms. Blizzard filed suit. 278 In her two-count complaint Ms. Blizzard sought damages for sexual harassment and for maintenance of a hostile work environment in the first count, and back pay and damag...
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