Much of hendersons evidence of gender bias consists

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Unformatted text preview: y, Henderson admits that Kasdan and Gawin were removed for performance reasons and that both Kasdan and Gawin were given an opportunity to transfer to another GE business unit. Further, although Kasdan, Gawin, and Madrisotti were replaced with men, this development is tempered by Henderson's admission that Shepard hired Brigitte LaCroix, during this time period, to replace a male employee as the Quality Leader for all of the GE Digital Energy businesses. In addition, Henderson herself notes that she met with Shepard before she was hired to replace a male employee as the Director of Quality and Information Technology. *13 Although Henderson claims that Shepard terminated her because she was a woman, she does not dispute Blaney's and LaCroix's deposition testimony that she would not have been terminated had she not resigned during the meeting of December 5, 2002. She further admits that she told Blaney, LaCroix, and Canova that she no longer wanted to work in the business and that it was Blaney and LaCroix who did not allow her to rescind her resignation during the teleconference of December 9, 2002. Henderson does not challenge the veracity of LaCroix's testimony that she did not allow Henderson to rescind her resignation both "because of her performance" and because she had "lost confidence in her [Henderson's] ability to perform in that position," (dkt. # 44, LaCroix Dep., Ex. 9 at 197:16-17), or Blaney's statement that GE "can't afford to have those leaders making decisions who are going to change their minds," (Dkt. # 44, Blaney Dep., Ex. 10 at 14647:22-3). Henderson also asserts that she was treated differently from male employees both prior to and after her termination and that this further proves her claim of gender discrimination. For example, she asserts that Shepard did not take disciplinary actions against Tiziano Christian ("Christian") or Mohammed Alwan ("Alwan") even though these male 177 employees gave poor...
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